You are joining MHLC to meet great people and learn about new things. But how do you spark those meaningful conversations? It all starts with a braindate.

Braindates are one-on-one or small group conversations based on topics posted by you and fellow participants in the Braindate Topic Market. They can be used to brainstorm, solve challenges, share expertise or experiences while meeting new (brilliant!) people.

Why is Braindate™ different from networking?

Getting to know people at events can be difficult: time is limited, and traditional networking can feel uncomfortable. Braindate gives you a platform to explore and share specific knowledge and experiences, so that you can have more authentic conversations with new people who share common interests. It gives you direct access to the collective genius of your fellow participants!

how does braindate work?

Post a braindate topic about something that you’re interested in discussing in the Topic Market. Participants who want to dive into your topic with you can then send you an invitation to meet! Explore topics that interest you with the Search, Sort and Filter functions, then send invitations for one-on-one braindates or join group braindates directly.

Just before your braindate is set to begin, a Pop Up Banner will appear on the Braindate platform with a link to your topic, where you can join your virtual braindate. If you add your phone number in your profile Preferences, we’ll send you an SMS reminder before your Braindate, with a direct link to join your call.

Why should I Braindate?

Engage in meaningful conversations about issues that are on your mind and in your heart.

It’s an immediate and straight-forward way to gather diverse perspectives from others in the form of group braindates.

Make it self-directed: pick and choose the meetings you will have by identifying who has the answers to questions you are looking for.

Use your own experience for good: position yourself as a thought-leader and/or reliable source of information.

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