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Will I have access to all sessions?
Once you have been approved for the event you will have access to all keynote speakers, breakout sessions, networking events and expo booths.
Can I ask questions during sessions?
Yes. We will collect questions and respond to them after the event.
Can I share my login information with others?
No, your login is specific to your registration. You will be able to forward the invitation to others who may be interested in the event.
What are the technological requirements for attendance?
For optimal viewing we recommend viewing from your laptop or iPad with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox. Safari is not recommended. Test your system in advance of the event using the links below:

How do I participate in the event?
Once your registration is approved you will receive a confirmation email. Approximately one week before the event you will receive another email with instructions on how to login and start the event.
Why do I need approval to attend?
This event is for educational purposes for end-user customers in the supply chain industry. In order to maintain the integrity of the event we ask that all registrants be approved before participating.
Will there be networking opportunities?
The platform includes two new networking applications. The first is an experiential leading tool that gives attendees a curated, content-driven alternative to traditional networking tools. Participants use it to book one-on-one or group discussions with fellow attendees and to exchange knowledge on different topics. The second is an AI feature within the platform where you can connect to others who have similar interests. You can make new connections by reaching out to them via the tool.
Do I have to attend the entire event?
To get the most out the event we suggest you attend all keynotes, experience the breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and explore the expo booths.
Who do I contact with questions?

You can email

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