Max Thinius


Max Thinius is one of Europe’s leading futurologists with a focus on society, sustainability, business and trade.

Since 1988 Max has been studying the effects of technological and cultural developments on our society and how a prospective community can emerge. This has resulted in a six-year study and future scenarios in which Max asks not only the „experts “, but also civil society about the necessities for a prospective future for all.

In trisectoral models (in the interplay of business, politics and civil society), Max is committed to „intellectual climate change “, a new ethical understanding of integral cooperation. Integral means that everything that arises in these tri-sectoral models must have a positive effect on society and every stakeholder.

Max is now a futurologist with appearances throughout Europe, was co-creator of a sustainable investment house, helped set up the first international financial rating agency and is now involved in tri-sectoral processes at the heart of the innovation of the food and health market. He works for various DAX companies such as small and medium-sized enterprises, political parties and trade associations. As a board-member of Earthrise, he also advocates intellectual climate change.

In addition to these activities, he is company spokesman for FORUM food at beverage (Bundesverband E-Commerce und Versandhandel Deutschland e.V), advisor to Deutsche Post DHL subsidiary and co-inventor of „Next Generation Food “, the mother of all food think tanks.