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Ready to learn how technology can help close those gaping holes in your organization’s supply chain? This portfolio of sessions provides the foundation you need to make the best choices for your company’s individual requirements while connecting you with peers and practitioners who will share their own best practices. Sharpen your pencil on workstation design, select the best automation solution, or find the ultimate solution to your biggest e-commerce fulfillment challenges.

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Track 3: Session 1

Monday: 9:00–10:00am

White Pine 1

It's More Than Just a Workstation

The area where an associate puts the final fingerprints on the outbound DC order isn’t always a hotbed for innovation, quality, and accuracy. However, it needs to be all three things in order to function optimally in the fast-paced distribution environment. In this session you’ll get an overview of the latest in workstation design, value-added services, and adaptable equipment being used in today’s leading DCs.

L&R Distributors

Track 3: Session 2

Monday: 10:15–11:15am

Kokopelli 1

From Beast to Beauty at L&R

This case study is one of a 60 year old Cosmetics and General Merchandise distributor that realized the need for change and went from Supply Chain stone age to rocket science in 18 months. This uncommon level of leap is a lesson in change management and purposeful disruption.

MWPVL International, Inc.

Track 3: Session 3

Monday: 11:30am–12:30pm

Kokopelli 2

Developing a Robust Business Case for Automation

An automated facility requires a concerted approach that starts with defining your capital investment requirements, support and maintenance costs. For example, the design and construction cost of the building may vary due to differences in building height and shape, while the amount and expense of direct and indirect labor resources flex due to the automation of some tasks and the introduction of new work that's not currently performed. This presentation gets right into the weeds with real numbers based on a case study to enable a robust comparison of multiple automation options to satisfy even the most demanding financial accountant!

Creation Gardens, Inc.

Track 3: Session 4

Monday: 2:15–3:15pm

White Pine 2

The Disruption Starter Kit at Creation Gardens

Creation Gardens is a wholesale food distributor that operates a hub-and-spoke operation in the mid-south territory with a focus on providing unparalleled customer service, delivery, product offering and customer satisfaction. A growing and dynamic company, Creation Gardens, recently transitioned from conventional distribution and order fulfillment methods (paper based-picking) to automated order fulfillment utilizing voice-directed pick-to-pallet (full case picking) and voice-directed discrete order pick to tote in a zone-route system (each picking). Discover how Creation Gardens made the transition and the results, lessons learned and benefits of moving to an automated distribution model.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Track 3: Session 5

Monday: 3:30–4:30pm

Kokopelli 1

Bridging the Last Mile Gap in Transportation

The race to shorten the last mile is on. An ever-growing volume of e-commerce sales, consumers, retailers and parcel service providers have all come to realize the glaring inefficiencies in the so-called last mile. A perpetual concern for companies that ship goods to end users, the last mile has become an especially sore point as the volume of e-commerce and D2C shipments has grown. In this session you'll learn the latest and greatest strategies for closing this gap and creating a straighter and more streamlined path from your warehouse or DC to the final destination.

Track 3: Session 6

Tuesday: 10:15–11:15am

Kokopelli 2

E-Commerce Fulfillment & Delivery in a Hyper-Local World

E-commerce is about more than just marketing or selling online. Behind the scenes, this force of nature has permeated every corner of a company’s fulfillment, delivery, and transportation network. In the hyper-local world—where the focus is on a small community or geographical area—changing retailer and consumer expectations abound. In this session you’ll learn about the barriers to speed in this setting, the localization and fragmentation of last mile delivery, and how companies are constantly innovating in order to meet market demand.

Boston Consulting Group

Track 3: Session 7

Tuesday: 11:30am–12:30pm

White Pine 1

Now and Later: A High Speed Overview of Transportation

Did you know that just 28 percent of commercial transportation companies claim a high level of digitization? This low adoption rate reflects a troubling level of reluctance among carriers to fully embrace new technologies and business models. From this session, you'll learn how adopting aspects of advanced vehicle-related IT systems, automated fleet management, cloud-based data analytics, robotics, location detection, and autonomous vehicle technologies, organizations can gain the flexibility and capabilities to shift gears and focus on the most profitable services based on their customers’ ever-changing needs.

PSI Engineering

Track 3: Session 8

Tuesday: 2:15–3:15pm

Kokopelli 3

Inline Solutions for Online Commerce

Online sales are soaring past offline retail revenues and on track to hit $523 billion by 2020. That’s a growth rate of 20% annually, and something that no product-oriented company can afford to ignore. In fact, the e-commerce boom requires smart, flexible and scalable solutions that companies can use to package and prepare goods for distribution and for the end user. This session shows you what’s new in the processes, technologies, and design of the packaging, printing, inserting, quality, and every other step prior to and after item picking.


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