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Innovation is all about finding and applying new approaches to address existing problems or serve unmet needs—and boy we could all use some of that these days. Here’s where you can roll up your sleeves and interact with show-and-tell presentations featuring the industry’s up-and-coming technology. Designed to optimize innovation and creativity, our innovation lab builds new knowledge while encouraging valuable information sharing among participants and experts.

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Track 5: Session 1

Monday: 9:00–10:00am

Garage Level P1

The Control Network Architecture of Tomorrow

Industrial Ethernet and wireless technologies are both growing rapidly, and now make up a collective 52% of the industrial network market. The network architecture of the future isn’t going to look anything like it once did, with 4D networks, Time-Sensitive Networking, cloud-based electrical controls, 5G mobile networks, and other innovations replacing the 120-volt I/O points that we’re all accustomed to. In this session, an industry expert will explain the need for new network infrastructure and peek into their crystal ball to share what’s coming around the next corner.

Track 5: Session 2

Monday: 10:15–11:15am

Garage Level P1

The Power of Virtualization in the Decision Making Process

Don't make another spatial decision before you experience it first...and in person! Virtualization is the next technology to progress on the principle of Moore's law. As fast as mobile communications have changed the way we exchange and consume information, virtual and augmented reality are sure to change the way we view the world that's yet to be built. Join us in a session of how VR has infiltrated the material handling and logistics world, and why you should never make a spatial decision without experiencing it first.

Sealed Air

Track 5: Session 3

Monday: 11:30am–12:30pm

Garage Level P1

Building a Case for Case Building

Minimizing costs while maximizing productivity is an age-old mission that more and more companies are working toward. The warehousing and distribution environment is particularly ripe for price reductions and increased efficiencies, and that’s why new technologies in the field of automated case-building and sizing—to minimize cube for shipping and optimize freight—are coming on the market. In this session, you’ll learn about the latest options and hear from a vendor that is making strides in this arena.

Deloitte Services LP

Track 5: Session 4

Monday: 2:15–3:15pm

Garage Level P1

Granular Mobility: Taking Baby Steps in Industry 4.0

The term Industry 4.0 encompasses a promise of a new industrial revolution that combines advanced manufacturing techniques with IoT to create a digital manufacturing enterprise. That organization is not only interconnected, but it can communicate, analyze, and use information to drive further intelligent action back in the physical world. In line with the "discreteness" and agility of Industry 4.0, there is augmented motion. Through small, purposeful movement of product and people, companies can accomplish more, do it more perfectly, and with less work.


Track 5: Session 5

Monday: 3:30–4:30pm

Garage Level P1 / The Cabin

Open Labs: What’s On Your Innovation Agenda?

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to spend an hour in the Innovation Lab (Garage Level P1) or in the Software Experience (the Cabin), getting up close and personal with the latest and greatest technologies and tools that will help your company work smarter, better, and faster. Talk to experts, take in a few new product and/or software demos, and get the lowdown on the groundbreaking tools and applications that will round out your firm's innovation agenda for 2018...and beyond.

KION North America

Track 5: Session 6

Tuesday: 10:15–11:15am

Garage Level P1

Lithium-Ion Paves a Straight Path to Higher Productivity

There’s nothing like a dead forklift battery—or, one that’s constantly docked at the station, out of commission and useless—to put a damper on warehouse or DC productivity levels. Unlike their conventional, lead acid brothers, lithium-ion batteries offer extended service life and maintain a higher output. Better yet, they can also be recharged more frequently than conventional lead acid batteries, and they allow for intermediate charging. Combined, these factors result in significantly longer uptime. In this session, learn how environmentally-friendly, lithium-ion technology’s high operating savings yields faster ROI.

Track 5: Session 7

Tuesday: 11:30am–12:30pm

Garage Level P1

Optimize Fulfillment with Innovative Cluster Picking

The race is on to develop a lightning fast distribution operation, and so far there's been a dearth of frontrunners. For many shippers, discrete cluster picking could be the e-commerce and omni-channel ticket. In this session, you'll learn about a methodology for picking multiple orders at a time, usually to a cart/tote. Ideal for low order density pick-and-pack operations, discrete cluster picking is already being used by e-commerce, life science, parts distributors, and the fashion industry. By cluster-assigning orders, this method lets two pickers visit the least number of zones/aisles while picking the assigned orders—a strategy that can reduce picker travel distance by more than 70%.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Track 5: Session 8

Tuesday: 2:15–3:15pm

Garage Level P1

Innovators Don't Always Produce Breakthrough Organizations

Innovation requires more than just great ideas and out-of-the-box thinking. It also requires persistence, hard work and a laser-sharp focus that factors in roadblocks, but that doesn’t let those obstacles get in the way for long. Even the most innovative companies stand to lose market leadership as new competitors rise and take over the market. And, the same practices that lead the business to be successful in the first place can eventually result in their eventual demises. In this session, you'll learn how innovators don't always generate breakthrough organizations and take away sage advice on how to take your company to the next level.


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