Sessions Overview

Track 5 - Solutions

With technology advancing at the speed of light, and new innovations popping up almost daily, this is the track to come to if you want to learn how Dematic’s newest solutions can help your company ignite transformation, scale up to meet the demands of e-commerce, get the full benefit of data-driven solutions, and leverage the power of mobile automation. If your inner "techie" can’t resist the urge to see “what’s next” on the supply chain solutions roadmap, don't miss this track!

Track 5 Sessions

  • Session 1
    Using Automated Case Picking to Build a Lean, Mean Fulfillment Operation
    Monday: 9:00AM - 10:00AM
    Location: Kokopelli 3

    A labor-intensive and costly process, case picking is a necessary evil for most of the world’s warehouses and distribution centers. Thanks to modern technology, the number of order fulfillment strategies that provide fast, accurate and cost-effective case picking solutions are proliferating every year. Solutions range from simple, entry-level technologies to fully-automated systems that can significantly reduce or even completely eliminate the need for manual labor. At this session, learn how automated case picking can support your lean-and-mean fulfillment operation.

  • Session 2 & 3
    Emerging Ways to Solve Distribution’s Each-Picking Challenges

    Mike Khodl


    Monday: 10:15AM - 12:30PM (2 Hour Session)
    Location: Kokopelli 3

    Picking “eaches” is a process that’s easily the most labor-intensive and highest cost function in most warehouses and distribution centers. In this two-hour power session, learn how vision-picking solutions are increasing productivity in the double digits, autonomous bots are achieving ROI in 18 to 24 months, and each-picking bots are helping companies increase productivity by 30 percent or more. You’ll walk away with an excellent vision of the future of your organization’s piece-picking operations.

  • Session 4
    Connecting with Your Warehouse and Using Data to Gain Operational Insights

    Scott Wahl


    Monday: 2:15PM - 3:15PM
    Location: Kokopelli 3

    From labor to equipment, understanding how your assets have previously performed — and how they're performing now — are the keys to improved decision-making and problem resolution. But too many companies are floundering around right now, trying to figure out how to leverage the sea of data that's being generated across their operations to gain operational efficiencies, improve productivity, and save money. You'll come away from this presentation with a better understanding of the role that software plays in helping companies turn data into true competitive advantage.

  • Session 5
    The Rise of the Warehouse Robot
    Monday: 3:30PM - 4:30PM
    Location: Kokopelli 1

    Robots and AGVs are already solving critical picking and sorting challenges in the warehouse and they’re just getting started. From machines that can “see” and “grip” items to the kind meant to work side-by-side with humans, robots are helping companies gain efficiencies and tackle labor shortages like never before in the fast-paced distribution environment. After you hear how these innovations are changing the way companies tackle their fulfillment challenges, we’ll experience how they’re turning traditional warehouse models upside down.

  • Session 6 & 7
    Turn Up the Volume with State-of-the-Art Sortation
    Tuesday: 10:15AM - 12:30PM (2 Hour Session)
    Location: Kokopelli 3

    With increasing labor costs and supply chain pressures creating a need for faster, more accurate and responsive operations, more and more companies are turning to automated sortation systems to speed up their supply chains, improve productivity levels, increase throughput capacity, and enhance accuracy — all while creating a more efficient flow of goods to the customer. In this two-part power session, we’ll show you how companies are using cross belt sorters, linear sorters, divert systems, pouch sortation system and Bombay sorters to deftly handle and distribute goods at the lowest cost-per-case without the need for additional labor or real estate.

  • Session 8
    Taking Unit Load Handling to New Heights
    Tuesday: 2:15PM - 3:15PM
    Location: Kokopelli 3

    Where forklifts may appear to be the most cost-effective solution in many warehouse and distribution center applications, automated solutions are actually the best choice for facilities where labor and/or space are at a premium. From deep-lane storage options to AGVs to the latest unit load handling solutions, these solutions increase productivity, reduce costs, improve capacity, and maximize service levels, flexibility and operational resilience across both manufacturing and distribution applications. If "improve unit load handling" is on your wish list, come and hear how these solutions can help you achieve that goal and focus on what matters most.



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