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Matthias Mentschel

Senior Manager Supply Chain & Operations


Tuesday: 11:30AM - 12:30PM - Innovation Hub P1

Track 1 Session: 7

Closing the Logistics and Supply Chain Talent Gap

  • Bio

    Matthias’ professional life has been focused on supply chain and logistics operations for more than ten years. In his current role as Senior Manager at Accenture, he is supporting global corporations to transform their supply chains and logistics departments to cope with the challenges of 21st century operations. In prior engagements he was also looking at supply chains from the inside, leading operations for a medium sized German automotive supplier from 2011 to 2013.

    During his work – both with global corporations as well as small and medium sized local operations – Matthias realized that success for great (and small) transformations and programs more often than not depends on the individuals that are driving change, but even more important, the talent that in the end will operate the supply chain. Based on these experiences he started to lead a team within Accenture’s Supply Chain Group that investigates the impacts – and mitigation strategies – for the looming talent gap in supply chains (which is all too obvious already in many areas today).

    Matthias holds a diploma in industrial engineering from the University in Nuremberg (Germany) and Qingdao (China). During his university years he was also associated with the Fraunhofer Research Institute for Supply Chain Management, mainly doing research regarding the impacts of technology and innovation on supply chain organizations.



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