Josh Valman


To say Josh Valman is a “robotics pioneer” would be an understatement. The Founder and CEO of RPD International designed his first robot at the age of ten and three years later sent his designs and his entire savings (£500) off to a Chinese factory for production. By the age of 15, Valman was a freelance engineering and supply chain consultant who spent his afternoons on conference calls with China. Today, Valman heads a 60-employee international firm that has been worth £1 million within six months after opening its doors. Helping some of the world’s largest manufacturers to blend new product development, production, and supply chain management, RPD enables those businesses to think big and move quickly. Covering topics like market disruption, IoT, wearable technology, supply chain, and the 3D printing revolution, Valman explores the evolution of manufacturing and how it’s changing our world.