Max Thinius


For Deutsche Post, Max revolutionised the food market between 2011-18 by establishing the online supermarket AllyouneedFresh (currently #2 in Germany behind REWE) – starting with foundation, development, strategy, building a network to suppliers, other retailers, political and economic structures.

During this time he also founded the first food on-line trade association, later amalgamated with the bevh (Federal association E-Commerce and Online-Trade Germany e.V.) to the FORUMfood, whose speaker he is since then. The entire food trade is gathered here. Besides he founded, together with the bevh the „Network Sustainability“ for all online-traders.

For bitkom, Max played a key role in developing the competences “Food industry”, “Trade in the digital age” and “Regional development through digitalisation in trade and society”. He is currently preparing some topics for the SmartCountryConvention, in which the digital development of regions, society and trade will be examined from all perspectives.

Max is also involved in the structures of the most important trade associations such as BGA (Federal Association Wholesale and Foreign Trade), VFI (Association of importers of finished goods – this includes the entire textile industry), HDE (Trade Association Germany), EMOTA (European Digital Association), BDD (Federal Association Direct-Trade Germany), DBV (German Farmers Association), VZBV (Verbraucherzentralen Bundesverband) as well as many regulatory, lobbying and structuring associations (such as GS1).

Max is an invited guest of WBGU (Wissenschaftlicher Beirat der Bundesregierung für Globale Umweltfragen – German Advisory Council on Global Environmental Issues) – here, among other things, as a specialist for quality of life and sustainability in times of digitization.

In this entire context he is also a frequent guest and in some cases closely associated with the BMWi (Federal Ministry of Economics and Development), BMU (Federal Ministry for the Environment and Social Affairs), UBA (Federal Environment Agency) and various structures in their environment.

As a futurologist, spokesperson for various organizations and his own journalistic activities, Max is associated with all major media houses and news agencies.

Max is also co-organizer of Next-Generation-Food – Germany’s industry think tank, which is now in its 6th year. Doing this he is well connected to food-industry, trade and supporting businesses, such as kitchen suppliers, start-ups and media.

In South Westphalia, Schleswig-Holstein, Ravensburg and other regions Max accompanies the district government in the digitization of the region including the establishment of digital structures in all areas of life: from the digital authority, via economically new structures, new everyday scenarios, revitalisation of villages and communities to a new understanding of values and culture.

So if there is any question regarding the future of society or business, Max is your #1 counterpart.