Dr. Rand Hindi


Rand Hindi is an entrepreneur and data scientist and a child prodigy:  He started coding at the age of 10, founded a social network at 14, and a web agency at 15. As if that weren’t enough, Rand Hindi has begun to use machine learning (ML) at 18 and then earned a Ph.D. in bioinformatics by the age of 21. He has been elected as a TR35 by the MIT Technology Review, as a “30 under 30” by Forbes – the annual list of talented young innovators whose work has the greatest potential to transform the world. The former founder and CEO of Snips, which is the first artificial intelligence (AI) voice platform for connected devices, was chosen by the French government to lead the “impact of AI on the economy and employment” in the global strategy of France on AI. Since November 2019 Rand Hindi is Co-Founder and CEO of ZAMA, a company offering ZeroTrust machine learning solutions based on homomorphic encryption to help SaaS companies prevent data breaches. As a teacher of business AI courses and through his public speaking, Rand Hindi shares his vision for private data management with the world.