Søren Hermansen


Self-sufficient and carbon-neutral since 2007, Samsø island in Denmark also supplies surplus energy to Jylland, the country’s mainland. According to Søren Hermansen, manager of the Samsø Energy Academy, the island’s key to success is local change. Because residents own their own energy production machines—and because some of the generated energy is sold at a profit—the island is far less dependent on subsidies from the state. Hermansen’s project has created positive results far beyond Samsø’s borders: Politicians and companies stand in line to hear about Hermansen’s theories and methods; 6,000 people visit the Samsø Energy Academy every year; and many politically-funded delegations from all over the world want to know how this island society stands so strong and collectively. As an internationally sought-after keynote speaker, Hermansen presents the methods and results from his work on Samsø.