Director IST Institute for Strategic Innovation & Technology Management
An expert in strategic transformation and innovation, Dr. Guido Baltes helps organizations develop and implement strategies that put them far out in front of their competitors.
Professor of Organizational Behaviour at IAE Aix-Marseille University School of Management
After working in the corporate world, she joined academia 20 years ago to support companies improve their leadership capabilities to face complexity.


President & CEO
Bringing more than 25 years of global leadership experience to his position, Hasan Dandashly is moving the company forward on its consistent path of growth and success.
Singer of Iron Maiden, author, entrepreneur and owner of an airplane line
Well known for his unique sound and musical talents, this front man is busy traveling the world with his band Iron Maiden, but music is far from his only passion.
Founder and CEO of Stellar Capacity, Young Global Leader at World Economic Forum
As the World Economic Forum’s newly-appointed Young Global Leader, Claudia Olsson is a proven innovation leader in the digital transformation field.
Former VP of Alibaba, leading e-Commerce expert of China
Porter Erisman had a front-row seat as China’s e-commerce giant grew from humble beginnings and into one of the world’s largest online marketplaces.
Formula 1 Driver, 13-times Grand Prix Winner, entrepreneur
lthough it takes speed to win Formula One races, many people don’t know is that these races are also won or lost thanks to support from behind the scenes. Just ask David Coulthard.
Formula 1 Manager, entrepreneur, one of the most influential people in Formula 1
For more than 30 years, Mark Gallagher has held senior roles in the high-performance environment of Formula One motor racing.


Explorer and Scientist, Author
Felicity Aston is the first and only woman in the world to ski across Antarctica alone.
VP Vertical Management Intralogistics, Siemens AG
Dr. Alex Bollig has more than 20 years experience in the automation industry from research, operational and strategic management perspective in international line - and project organizations. 
VP & Head of Robotics at Festo, former VP Kuka Robotics
With robotics and automation playing growing roles in the modern warehousing and logistics environment, innovators like this VP are helping to push the movement further along.
World Leading Data Security Analyst, Ethical Hacker, Social Engineer
A well-known ethical hacker and social engineer, FC “breaks into” hundreds of banks, offices, and government facilities in the UK and Europe.
Researcher, author and holder of several endurance records
Sir Ranulph Fiennes global expeditions include Transglobe, the North Polar Unsupported Expedition, the Anglo-Soviet North Pole Expedition, and the Ubar Expedition,
Logistics Director,
Patrice Fitzner is a graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers.
Author and award-winning innovator
Self-sufficient and carbon-neutral since 2007, Samsø island in Denmark also supplies surplus energy to Jylland, the country’s mainland.
Data Scientist, Co-Founder & CEO at ZAMA
Rand Hindi is an entrepreneur and data scientist and a child prodigy: He started coding at the age of 10, founded a social network at 14, and a web agency at 15.
Futurist, Investor, Start-up-Owner & Expert
A business startup expert who not only invests in early-stage startups, but who also provides support as they develop into full-fledged enterprises.
Award winning Futurist, Europe’s Top 30 Woman Digital
Voted one of Europe’s most trailblazing women in digital, Shivvy Jervis brings girl power to MHLC, a four-time award-winning innovation futurist, advisor, broadcaster, and IoT expert.
VP Center of Excellence for Robotics, Dematic
As Vice President for Dematic’s Robotics Center of Excellence, Crystal Parrott brings more than 28 years in the robotics and automation industries to her current position.
Logistic Director at Ahorramas Supermarket
José Luis Rodríguez as Director is leading strategies and logistic plans to optimize Ahorramas Supply Chain.
Business Innovator, Founder of Jones Soda & CEO of
Business speaker Peter van Stolk is the CEO of Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery or, the largest pure-play online grocer in Canada.
Director, Software Sales, Dematic
Jenn has worked with wholesalers, retailers, and ecommerce businesses across a wide range of vertical markets.
Max Thinius is regarded as Europe’s leading futurologist and creator of the future. In addition to his work as a consultant for people, companies and regions, he is a moderator and bestselling author.
Founder and Managing Director of RPD International
To say Josh Valman is a “robotics pioneer” would be an understatement. The Founder and CEO of RPD International designed his first robot at the age of ten.
Professor at ETH Zurich for Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Ethics
A Professor of Bioethics at the Swiss Institute of Technology, Effy Vayena is a renowned expert who stands at the intersection of medicine, data, and ethics.
Leadership Expert, Author
Riot policeman, milkman, and salesman were just a few of Adrian Webster’s jobs before he made his move into the information technology industry.